BITBALL in action

What is behind BITBALL?

INTRO // allright, let’s start at the beginning: mediaman is a digital media agency from Mainz, Germany. As the agency was about to move, we had been thinking about turning it into a story which would not only be interesting to us but also to other people. We have come up with PONG, the mother of all video games.

THE STORY // PONG escapes from our old office premises and, for a while, wanders across Mainz as a white cube. Thereby, it is playing music, glowing and talking to pedestrians. Why? It is looking for its new home and finds it eventually. On June 25th at the shopping center “Brand” in Mainz. It is time to celebrate: PONG is on the street once again and is playing – like never before.

BITBALL goes social

Press "P" to play.
Press "Q" to quit.